Cat Grooming Services

I provide kind and caring cat grooming services to improve the coat and help you keep your cat in good condition. Whether you wish your cat to be pampered with a professional brush out, or need professional support to manage a coat that is difficult to maintain, I am here to help.

Cat Grooming Price List 2019

All prices include a brush out, nail trim, eye area and ear clean.

All prices are for cats whose coats are in good condition.

Brush Out

£20.00 – £25.00

Bath & Dry


Hygiene Clip

£40.00 (add £15 for bath and dry)

Panel Clip

£50.00 (add £15 for bath and dry)

Panel and Hygiene Clip

£55.00 (add £15 for bath and dry)

Lion Clip

£65.00 (add £15 for bath and dry)


The cost of dematting depends entirely on the extent and severity of the matting and cannot be estimated prior to your cat’s groom.

Complimentary Day Care

Complimentary day care is available from 8am to 6pm – please book in advance.

More About Cat Grooming

All groom prices include a nail trim, eye area and ear clean, and a thorough brush and comb out.

Brush Out

A thorough brush and comb out will remove loose undercoat and debris leaving your cat’s coat tangle free, lessen moulting fur and reduce the risk of health, coat and skin problems associated with fur balls and matting.

Bath & Dry

Bathing includes two warm water washes and a gentle shampoo massage.  I use Kelco’s Dr Aloe, a professional natural shampoo which cleanses and soothes the skin, conditions and moisturises the coat and will leave your cat with a lovely fresh scent.


A practical, close clip makes coat maintenance easier for busy owners. These include the rear end for good hygiene, a panel or tummy clip to remove coat from the hard to get to areas, or a more extensive lion clip.


Dematting removes areas of matted coat to make your cat feel comfortable and help you start again with regular brushing.



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