Cat Grooming Testimonials

I always aim to please – not only our four-legged friends, but I love to see my clients happy with Medway Grooming services too.
Below is a selection of responses that clients have kindly written…

Adorable Girl

Thank you so much for taking care of Tiggs, she looks adorable. She went into hiding once she had had her dinner but she looks so much better and feels free and comfortable too. She won’t let me pick her up but she’ll be fine by tomorrow.

Valerie’s Comment…

I am so pleased you are happy with Tiggs’ groom and that the experience did not take away her appetite. She is a lovely girl and I am sure she will be wanting cuddles very soon.

Stylish Girl

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we all are with Phoebe’s lion cut look. She immediately took to her cat basket which she had never previously used (I suspect to keep warm!). Now that her fur is growing back she is grooming herself which is great to see. And of course the shorter fur is lovely when we have the warmer weather. Thank you again.

Valerie’s Comment…

I am so pleased that you are all happy with Phoebe’s lion cut and that it has encouraged her to start grooming herself again. She is such an endearing cat, so full of character, and is so fortunate to have found a loving home with you. Best wishes to you and your family.

Fabulous Girl

Phoebe looks and smells beautiful. Thank you so much. Until the next time.

Valerie’s Comment…

I am so pleased you are happy with Phoebe’s groom. She really enjoyed her bath and dry and purred for most of her brush out – she is a fabulous girl.

Chilled Out Cat

Thank you so much for what you have done for Bailey. He is giving himself a clean and he is so calm and not stressed at all. It’s made a huge difference to him already.

Valerie’s Comment…

Thank you for your lovely feedback. I am pleased that Bailey is happy with the result of his groom – he certainly enjoyed it here and was affectionate and relaxed. Best wishes.

A Happy Cat

I would love to place a review on your website. Our Garfield is a lot happier after the care you gave him. We haven’t seen him like this in ages. He is enjoying being brushed again. Thank you so much for looking after our baby.

Valerie’s Comment…

Thank you so much for your lovely review – it is so thoughtful of you. Garfield is a super boy and I am pleased that he is happier and enjoying being brushed again. Have a lovely weekend.

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